#christinyou: Retracing Our Steps in Christ

October 26, 2018

Paul wrote to the Colossians because he heard that false teachers were giving the Colossians "fake news" about Jesus. In this introductory passage, he touched upon basic truths about faith in Christ by reminding the Colossians about places they had already been with Jesus and encouraging them to remain true to those basic truths.      

#christinyou: Paul . . . to the Colossians

October 26, 2018

This message launches a new and exciting sermon series, #christinyou, a study in the letter to the Colossians.  This series focuses on who Jesus is and how he transforms the lives of his followers.  With an emphasis on the power of Christ in the life of Paul the Apostle, this message sets a tone of transformation for the entire series.   

Man Up: Men Who Lead Themselves Through Discipline

August 24, 2017

God has called men to lead their families, their churches, their organizations, and their communities.  But time and again, men in our culture have failed first to lead themselves.  If "self leadership precedes team leadership," then men must learn to exercise the self control. This message equips men to walk in the Spirit, produce the "fruit of Spirit" of self control, and answer God's call to lead.   

Man Up: Men Who Lead Their Children Through Influence

August 11, 2017

Deep down inside, every man longs to leave a legacy in this world, and God has given us children that we might lead them to walk in a legacy of truth. Although this world loves darkness rather than light, we as men can shepherd our children to the high ground of God's truth--that our families might be shining cities on a hill that reflect his glory.   

Man Up: Men Who Lead Their Wives Through Love

August 11, 2017

God has given husbands a tremendous opportunity and responsibility--namely, to lead their wives through love, just as Jesus Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.  This practical message equips men everywhere to love and lead their wives consistently, sacrificially, spiritually, and emotionally.