Endeavor. Encourage. Engage.

About Phil Kramer

May 6, 2019

Endeavor. Encourage. Engage.

God has allowed me to wear many hats over the years: pastor, husband, Army Ranger, Ph.D., father, military chaplain, and even waiter at a fancy French restaurant. But my heartbeat has always been to endeavor, encourage, and engage through the Lord Jesus Christ--endeavor to make the most of life through Jesus, encourage followers of Jesus in their relationship with him, and engage the broader culture with God's truth about Jesus.   

Currently, I'm serving as Lead Pastor for the Crossroads Chapel, one of the Army's largest chapel communities, as well as senior chaplain with the Army Rangers. I live at Fort Benning with my bride of eighteen years, Shara, and our five children.

Please check back frequently for bold, biblical, and refreshing messages that will help you to endeavor, encourage, and engage. May God bless you!